Expert Interview with Jared Center – Part 1: Leverage Relationships

Sports Career

One of my top goals for 2013 is to interview more sports business professionals for the blog. While I do enjoy providing you with my point of view on different aspects of breaking into the business, the interviews have always been my initial inspiration for blogging about sports careers, and I want to get back to basics.

Navigating the Sports Job Search – Part 3: Organization


In Navigating the Sports Job Search – Part 1, I laid out a process of self-examination that allowed you to paint an accurate picture of your dream position within the sports industry. With that idea in mind, I gave you some tips on how to turn that vision into a preliminary research plan in Navigating…

Navigating the Sports Job Search – Part 2: Let the Research Begin

Sports Job Search

In Navigating the Sports Job Search: Part 1, I took you through a self-examination process that helped you discover what you value in an ideal sports job/company. This exercise prepares you well for pursuing full-time opportunities in sports that you actually want instead of the first position someone will hire you for. There is a…

Navigating the Sports Job Search – Part 1: What Does Your Ideal Job Look Like?

Sports Job Search

While interning for a sports organization certainly helps you get into the business, you are not officially broken into the sports industry until you land that first full-time job. The job search process is not an easy one, especially given the state of the economy and the supply-demand inequality associated with the nature of the…

Making Sacrifices to Break into Sports: Part 2


In Making Sacrifices to Break into Sports – Part 1, I discussed some of the typical sacrifices you might have to make when breaking into sports such as interning before landing a full-time job, long hours, and low pay. Despite the daunting nature of these three things, there are ways to mitigate them and ease…